Transaction Details

Transaction Hash: 0xzKTQ0sQjXJhEYNfVFRm3DB17gzIGd7Y3nyjvUb51rQeVSw1XT1SRIU8i2HX4MLgD
Status: Success
Block: 13451883
Timestamp: 363 days 4 hours ago (12-06-2021 06:59:40 +UTC) | Confirmed within 363 days 4 hours ago
From: 0x71D6922324c9037070B3b9186c7571Fa201F0306 (GSC Pool)
To: 0x71D6922324c9037070B3b9186c7571Fa201F0306
Value: 100.00000000 GSC
Transaction Fee: 0.5 GSC
Gas Price: 5.0E-5 GSC (50000 Gwei)
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